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Craft Supplies Storage

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Even with all the space I have in this house... and the, um, (cough, cough) dedicated craft room in the basement (cough), I still struggle to keep my craft supplies tidy and where I need them, when I need them. Just like everyone else. My homeschool room / office / art class studio is FULL of books, paint, brushes, paper and all the myriad other items I need to educate my two children and all my art and music students. It's not a place conducive to pearl jewelry supplies and all the tiny bits and baubles that go along with that.

Enter my antique sheet music cabinet. 

My darling daughter gave me a new bead organizer and beads for Christmas. I moved into the new organizer and tidied up my supplies, storing everything in this unused cabinet. I'm looking forward to a lot more organized design work ahead. 

The cabinet sits in my dining room. The craft room in the basement sits unused because I'm a social crafter. Even if someone isn't specifically crafting with me, I like to be near other people while I'm working. Having the supplies near where I hang out with family and friends already is ideal. The beautiful cabinet makes it easy to hide a potential cluttered mess in plain sight. 

Now, my yarn stash - that's a story for a different day. I'm still working on the ideal solution for that. Where do you store your main project supplies?

TBR Pile Challenge: Throne of Glass Read-Along - First Discussion

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Throne of Glass Read Along: 1st Discussion

The TBR Pile Challenge I joined this year has a Real-Along every other month. This month, the selected book was Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. 

1) Did you read 

The Assassin's Blade

? If so, do you think it enhanced your reading of 

Throne of Glass

? If you haven't, do you plan to go back and do so before continuing with the series?

I have not. I haven't read any of Maas's works before now. I am enjoying Throne of Glass though so I will at least add them to my "TBR" pile... because it wasn't already too big. 

2) Who do you think is behind the Champions murders?

Possessed dogs. I know... kind of silly and far fetched but the way the Champions have been mutilated and the fact that Dorian's "kennels" have been mentioned in an offhand way more than once up to this point. Whether Dorian is behind it or not, I'm not sure, but I think his dogs have something to do with it. 

3) Thus far, what are some of your favorite scenes from 

Throne of Glass


All of them? Maas writes some beautiful imagery and great dialogue. 

4) Have you tried sticking to Sarah's pronunciations or did you make up your own way to say all these names

I glanced at them before I started and I'm close on some. The one key difference is the pronunciation of "wyrd". I believe Maas was referencing the Anglo-Saxon concept of fate or personal destiny. That "wyrd" is pronounced "weird". And I have friends whose last name is Wyrd and that's how they pronounce it as well.

5) Is this the first time you've read 

Throne of Glass

? Were you like Andrea and Jessica and completely unsure as to why you waited so long to read it? Or, if you reread it for the Read Along, did your reading experience change from the first time?

First time I've read Sarah J. Maas at all. I'm really enjoying it though. 

6) Okay, let's just get into this: As of this moment, who are you more fond of--Chaol or Dorian?

Chaol, though I also think Calaena would make a fantastic queen. 

7) What do you think about Princess Nehemia and her friendship with Celaena? Are you a fan, or are you giving the princess a side-eye?

I'm a fan. I think that friendship will ultimately lead to the defeat of the king and a new era of peace for the world. 

8) How are we liking Nox? Do you think he'll end up as someone to count on in the future, or should we not trust him?

He seems okay, but Calaena's behavior toward him doesn't seem in keeping with her assassin nature. Actually, there is a lot of her behavior that seems contradictory at times. In the beginning, we're lead to believe she is nothing but a cold-blooded killing machine, but her "soft underbelly", as it were, showed more quickly than I think makes sense for someone trained to be so ruthless. Maybe something there relates back to the books before this that I haven't read. 

9) The writing! Are you loving Sarah's writing as much as I am? Because seriously--it is so gorgeous.

I am definitely enjoying the writing. 

10) Do you have any predictions for the rest of the book? Anyone finding out Lady Lillian's real identity? Betrayals? More friendships? (If you've already read the other half, skipping this one would probably be best. Ha.)  

I think Lady Kaltain will find out Calaena's identity and it will probably cost her her life. And I'm certain the other three Champions in the final four (because, let's be clear, Calaena will be in the final four) will find out who she is at some point leading up to the final battle. 

A Peek Behind the Scenes

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My dear friend, Melanie, over at The Knotty Elf, had a birthday last week. We most often are working on our handcrafts when we're spending time together so last Saturday, instead of JUST taking her out to lunch for her birthday, we also spent time shopping at Joann and taking pictures of our jewelry pieces for our respective Etsy stores.

We're still getting the hang of good pictures for online. We really want to take some outside, natural light pictures, but right now, the weather in Kansas City is just way too cold for spending any amount of time outdoors. So we got creative with some cardboard, white fabric and my Ott light and set up a light box. Melanie took some "process pictures" as we worked. Toward the end of our marathon session, I had my daughter pick up Melanie's camera to make sure Melanie was in some pictures too. This is what Melanie found when she checked all the pictures.

Yep.  My daughter. 

Icebreaker Questions about Me!

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So you've found your way to Foofy Not Foofy and you are wondering who is behind this blog, these art and music classes, the handcrafted thises and thats? That'd be me! HeatherAnne Norbury. As my sidebar up there reads (assuming you aren't on a blog reader... if you are you should click through to see the pretty orange on my blog)... so anyway... as my sidebar reads, I am a homeschooling, crafting, cooking, canning, reading, overly busy but trying to keep it all together mama writing a blog. I teach art and music classes in the KC Metro and I also make handcrafts, such as jewelry and crocheted goods, that I sell in my Etsy store and at local craft shows.

I have two wonderful children and a loving husband who puts up with being the sole breadwinner even though we both have law degrees. Our home is a menagerie of pets (two dogs, two cats, two rats, one fish and two snails) and friends (rarely a day goes by without friends over). I am organized by nature so I continue to shovel in the blizzard to try to keep our home tidy and neat. I started Foofy Not Foofy to share craft ideas, canning tips, recipes, book and product reviews and other news, factoids, funnies and tidbits that come my way. The Foofy Not Foofy business has grown to include my art and music classes and my handcrafts. Here are a few more interesting things about me. Please comment with your own answers to some of these questions! I'd love to hear from you.

 1. Do you go by a nickname? Not anymore but for the majority of my life, I was Choo-Choo. My grandmother started calling me that when I was only a few weeks old because some noise I made reminded her of a train. It stuck. I was Choo-Choo until high school when I stopped using the nickname publicly. I used it again through college and law school, though it was shortened to just Choo. When you see me use Hawchoo on things, that is a combination of my maiden initials (HeatherAnne Welch) and my nickname. Some friends still call me Choo, which is fine. Just don't call me Heather. It's HeatherAnne... all one word.

 2. Who is the most famous person you ever met? Ted Williams. He was a close family friend of my grandparents.

Me playing piano for Ted at my grandparent's house. Circa 1982 maybe?

 3. What book has had the biggest impact on you? To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It is my favorite book. It definitely opened my eyes to how completely messed up race relations were (and are) in this country and sent me on a path of trying to understand and help make a difference so that all people can be treated with respect and dignity. It also has one quote that I go back to again and again in my life. I even had a band named from it for a time. "It's when you know you are licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what." -Atticus Finch.

Band Logo - Artwork by my lovely and talented friend, Heidi

4. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Both, obviously, though I am currently owned by a 15yo Maine Coon named Maggie. So right now, I'm a cat's person. 

5. Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Coke and only Coke. It's the only soft drink I like well enough to drink empty calories for. I try to limit myself to one Big Q from Quik Trip a week... sometimes it's two. 

6. What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving or Halloween. I really like Thanksgiving and it's relatively low stress levels, but I also really enjoy helping the kids make costumes and taking them around the neighborhood with friends for trick or treating. 

7. What is your favorite cereal? Fruity Pebbles. I haven't bought a box in YEARS and YEARS because I will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until the box is empty. Not really a healthy choice. So I just don't buy it. 

8. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? The first thing I remember wanting to be was a ballerina. I may have been in 1st grade. After that, it switched back and forth between architect and veterinarian. My daughter wants to a be a veterinarian. As homeschoolers, I love that we can focus on things that inspire her passion. We do a LOT of science and a LOT of unit studies on animals. 

9. What was the last movie you saw? My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks. We might be a family of bronies and pegasisters. 

10. If you could pick any actor to be president, who would it be? Morgan Freeman

Reading Challenges... well, that didn't go so well

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I had great hopes for reading more in 2014. I think I did read MORE... just not what I'd planned to read. Certainly, I read more children's chapter books since my daughter is graduating from being read picture books to being read chapter books. She can read many of them herself, but we still enjoy time with me reading to her nightly. My husband still reads to our 11yo son nightly as well, though their fare has gone more toward thought provoking works like The Orphan Train and Walden. Risa and I are more into the Animalmagic series by Holly Webb, Rainbow Fairies and the like.

I entered two reading challenges for 2014 and I pretty much failed miserably at both of them. The first was the

What's in a Name Challenge

. I had also done this one in 2012 (and finished it then). The 2014 categories were:

1. A reference to time

2. A position of royalty

3. A number written in letters

4. A forename or names

5. A type or element of weather

A bonus 6th category was added later: A book with a school subject in the title.

I started, but didn't finish, three books that would have fit. Wolfhound Century by Peter Higgins for #1, The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais for #3 and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell for #4. I could make an argument for #2 with American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Gods are royalty, right?). I will say that I got the bonus category simply because I'm a homeschooling mom. I've read MANY books with a "school subject" in the title... actual school books!  LOL

We won't even talk about the Color Coded Reading Challenge.  I know I finished one that fit with black or white: The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

Looking back at my Goodreads year in review, it's pretty sad. I am officially stating now that I WILL READ more books in 2015. And not just kids' books to Risa. Books for me. Books to escape into. Books to learn from. Books to laugh out loud with. And to that end, with the potential of a new year laid before me, I am signing up for a couple reading challenges for 2015.

I have always enjoyed the

What's in a Name Challenge

so it's a given. The categories this year are:

  1. A word including ‘ing’ in it 
  2. A colour 
  3. A familial relation 
  4. A body of water 
  5. A city 
  6. An animal 

What suggestions do you have for any of these categories?

My second challenge will be the

2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

by Bookish.  


I get so excited about all the new books I hear about (and get from the library usually), that I forget about the books already sitting on my bookshelves that go dusty and unread. I'm going to be modest and just go for the Firm Handshake category of 1 - 10 books. This challenge also features Read-a-Longs which I have never done before that hopefully that will keep me somewhat on task. 

What reading challenges, if any, are you planning to join this year?